Welcome to the Bernards High School Home and School Association Site.

It is our purpose to promote a good relationship between home and school in order to benefit students, teachers, and families.


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Then go to 'New User?', 'Create Account'. (If you enter the same email the HSA used for you last year, your information will be there for you to confirm/edit.)


To Start the New Year:

Step 1: Enter or Confirm your current family information.

Step 2: Confirm the information you would like included in the Directory.

(Once you have checkmarks by these forms you are done and can make edits here in the future.)

Step 3: Visit the store, become an HSA Member and make a donation.

Step 4: Come to the first HSA meeting, September 17th at noon or 7pm!


 We hope you become an HSA member & donate.  This is our ONLY Fundraiser.  Donations where down last year!  If all our families contribute a little we can continue providing our support to the students, school, and families. 


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